This webpage is under construction… long story… I’m laying groundwork here for what I hope is fun to come. Visit “AllSpark” for more.

Music is a celebration of God’s gifts

music awakens the senses
composing reflections from life’s reasoned fences
encoded skill and mind is the foundry
beyond the grip of night’s emotional boundary

I lost the wind from nowhere to nowhere

When I recapture my AllSpark, I’ll post my first recording here.

Ed Caldwell (Bear)
Casting Art to the Net 

Peddle Boogie & Jam Gallery

“Oblio” – 1974 Ovation Artist Balladeer
“Woody” – 2016 Gibson Standard LP accompanied with “Buzz” – Sweetwater Sound PreSonus/sE/Shure/Focusrite recording gear zeroed in on one of “Bullwinkle’s” eight Celestion G12 Vintage 1960 Marshall speakers.
“Snoopy” – 2016 Fender American Standard Strat with accompaniment.
“Marvin” – This is my electric guitar pedal board. For those of you who don’t know, these are electronic sound modulation and distortion foot controlled devices guitarists use to establish certain tones and effects in their playing. You could call it a foot stomping music machine.
“Optimus” – 2017 Furman power conditioner and “Rocky” – 2021 Marshall MG15GR practice amp.
“Bullwinkle” – 2017 Marshall JVM410H with 1960 Vintage full stack.


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