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Many believe that we were created from star stuff. And that stars were born from the very hot and super compressed matter creation event science calls the Big Bang theory.

Many believe that the Big Bang was caused by God. And that everything that’s been created since the beginning, is God’s doing.

False pride is blind

Science doesn’t have all the answers, but neither does the faithful. However, we can all certainly share in the search for truth as a unifying, human race, common denominator.

But in order to share cooperatively, we have to be willing to be wrong. Every one of us.

I believe the willingness to be wrong is key to everyone’s spiritual and soulful survival.

Paradigm shift

I often wonder where we’re actually headed. Hopefully, away from our chaotic ignorance into a positive paradigm shift because our current collective general state is representative of hell. As a human race, we’re headed in billions of different directions. And we hate and destroy. Love is not everyone’s goal.

I believe that we will continue to technically and spiritually grow… UP and OUT into space. And only in that order.

We must grow UP first.

We’re becoming less and less isolated from each other as our population grows and as technology continues to shrink the biological and sociocultural globe.

Truth sets us free

After the Big Bang, where everyone can thoughtfully agree, our scientific and faith based beliefs take on some isolated individual details. But science and faith will ultimately agree as Truth is uncovered. We need to embrace truth. All of us. Especially when we discover we’re wrong.

Looking at our thinkings globally, we’re an explosion of thought about how we developed after the “Big Bang”. Everyone has their own personal idea, or ideas… or else we just don’t worry about controversial details regarding the origin and evolution of life.

But it’s important in breaching outer space to understand our beginnings in the realm of truth. We should collectively know how we came into being. Especially if it’s based on a “feeling” without conclusive evidence. We may never find CONCLUSIVE evidence. A feeling may be all we get. Maybe there’s largely undiscovered purpose behind our feelings.

Spirit and Soul

Each of us have a unique sense of self (our soul), along with our very own set of emotions (our spirit). Those two senses, more than any others, make us who we are as individual human beings. Yet we mostly ignore them or take for granted what we can’t seem to easily physically account for. Many are simply in denial about what they feel.

Life is. I don’t think that’s arguable. We argue about a lot of things but I don’t see how anyone that has experienced breathing can say different. So, “life is”, is a fundamental truth we should all be able to agree on. Focus on breathing. Focus on the universe. Focus on your neighbor. Focus on life. Because life is.

The opposite of life is “death”, or so it seems from our lack of activity once death is met. We’re usually doing things when we’re “living”. Like breathing. Evidence of life after death is either accepted in faith or scrutinized thoroughly by existentialistic thinking… since “life is”, then “death isn’t”. We get to draw this conundrum’s conclusion each to our own thoughts.

Design or Chance

It’s nobody’s place to think for us. And I’m not telling anyone how to think. I’m asking everyone to consider that we could all be wrong. And our neighbor could be right. And truth is what matters.

I believe in a Devine Designer. My spirit and soul senses are able to communicate with Him. Everyone has built-in knowledge of a higher being than ourselves. God’s “fingerprint” is inside us. I could be wrong… but it feels right.

God could be smaller than anything anyone can possibly see, bigger than the universe, or both. We just don’t know. (see Beyond) All we know is that we can talk with Him, and He talks back in our thoughts. God also “talks” to us with the universe including critters such as a meandering ant. It feels right… but I could be wrong.

I believe God is the uncaused Cause of the universe. Just a wee great big bit of parsecs beyond our collective understanding. I feel I’m not wrong about that, and I’m right about God’s Love.

A new church

A lot of the world is disconnected from God. Our culture is changing. Technology has allowed us to grow in numbers. Now it’s separating us because we haven’t fully adjusted yet. But I’m confident that God will prevail.

We’re always in “church”. Even when we’re alone and during every meeting with another human, whether online or in person. I think that’s what Jesus meant when he said that in a gathering of two or three, he would be there too. We should try to act and think… “Church is always in session and what would Jesus do and say.” I’m not saying that we should or even CAN be perfect, God simply wants us to love at our best.

God sent Jesus to teach us how to love. Because love conquers evil. Love bridges differences. God physically met us on the earth with His son. His son met us at our worst and loved us anyway, unconditionally.

“Online” communication is a greater challenge because it’s not as easy to read someone without being physically next to them. But we’re not “physically” next to God in a direct sense. We “feel” God’s presence. We’re next to God in soul (self) and spirit (emotion).

God has a good plan. I think we’re in cyber school now… spiritually connecting with one another… like we’ve already connected with God. We can’t all fit into one dining room… just a few… but it only takes two or three. God loves intimacy and is always with and inside us, especially when we love each other. Even when we’re alone.

Love our neighbor

I believe that you and I have the propensity to enter God’s secure eternal pain-free domain… if we love while “life is” here on earth. 

Only love can save us. Don’t try to one up your neighbor, LOVE them instead. Because life is… just that… a feeling.

How do you feel?

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By Ed Caldwell

I was tired, now I’m retired. Except for some unavoidable honey-dos, I pretty much goof off for a living now. My last career job was designing internet operating circuit boards along with a distinguished team of engineers, managers and support personnel. Prior to that I was an electronics technician evolving into circuit board design in the defense industry working with tactical missile systems. My first career job was a professional artist. During my younger years I worked many odd jobs beginning at age nine with a newspaper delivery route.


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