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I started this website in September 2007. It was a tiny mess at first, but now it’s grown into an even bigger mess. Ed’s Website developed a “paradigm shift” after I retired… More free time equals more free mess. 😎

My content and format has changed a great deal since its start. Especially at the beginning of 2020 after I retired. Freedom’s elation and the Covid-19 pandemic “sheltering in place” created a lot of “free” time and it was a major website publishing shift when I discovered how to create text hyperlinks.

In July 2022, I switched to WordPress as my web publishing tool in order to take advantage of its blog features.

On November 18, 2023, I changed the website name from Ed’s Art Net to Ed’s ArtSite and my tagline to “Casting to the Net”. The web address remains https://eds-art.net

On February 29, 2024, I completed Ed’s ArtSite message summary, but my website is still a work in progress. Because I’m an artist. ❤️

On May 17, 2024, I changed the website name from Ed’s ArtSite to Ed’s Website. The web address remains https://eds-art.net

It’s a good thing that I don’t have to write for a living… I would surely starve!


My name is Ed, short for Edward. My parents fought over what to name me. My dad wanted me to have his dad’s name. My mother wanted to name me after a popular singer in her day, Richard Edward Arnold (Eddy Arnold). They compromised with Edward and captured my grandfather’s initials, EMC. I’m a baby boomer. Katie is my youngest. Ashley is my oldest. Susan is my wife and best friend. ❤️

I’m a wacky doodle mutt.

Sometimes I make up words. It’s a free country. At least it was in my youth. So I learned to think freely from the 1950’s and 1960’s culture that I was growing up in. I learned proper behavior from black and white TV shows.

I like to call myself a commonologist. I like it because it reflects my demeanor. “Common…” because I am no better or worse than anyone I have ever met or heard of except One. And I’m an “…ologist” because I’m a fundamentally curious creature with a whimsical knack for the obvious. A “commonologist” – I like to believe that I share those traits with a lot of people.

I identify simply as a retired working family man. I’ve worked many odd jobs and more than one profession.

My good friend Travis once asked if I thought God’s purpose for me was to be a teacher. I loved the question. Travis knows that I have some strong opinions. He loves me anyway! 😎

At my core, I’m an artist… not a teacher. I simply want you to feel good. I hope that something you see, read or feel from this website and its links, helps you in some good way like it helps me.

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