This webpage is a placeholder until I rekindle the “early years” love that I had for playing guitar. It’s a long story… best laid plans and all that… the foundation is here but the drive is somewhere else.


HummerHead 2 – under development
Peddle Boogie and Jam – gear gallery
Marshall Mallows – what’s up


HummerHead 2

When I recapture my “AllSpark
I’ll post my first recording here.

Peddle Boogie & Jam

Gear Gallery

Below is my instrument collection. It’s beautiful work by skilled craftsmen. Some of it is quite old. None of it makes me a skilled musician. Focused determination does that.

“Oblio” – Ovation Artist Balladeer
“Woody” – Gibson Standard LP accompanied with “Buzz” – Sweetwater Sound PreSonus/sE/Shure/Focusrite recording gear zeroed in on one of “Bullwinkle’s” eight Celestion G12 Marshall speakers
“Snoopy” – Fender American Standard Strat with accompaniment
“Marvin” – This is my electric guitar pedal board. For those of you who don’t know, these are electronic sound modulation and distortion foot controlled devices guitarists use to establish certain tones and effects in their playing. You could call it a foot stomping music machine.
“Optimus” – Furman power conditioner and
“Rocky” – Marshall MG15GR practice amp
“Bullwinkle” – Marshall JVM410H

Marshall Mallows

My art interests change with the wind. I started guitar when I was ten and stopped in my early thirties. A forty year hiatus has left me with four fretful fingers and some meandering marshmallows with touchy-feely nerve endings for fingertips. But my “sweet little imagination” keeps me in tow.

“Nothing is easy”, so I’ve done an awful lot of that. I practice a little, but I need to develop the “AllSpark”… a fun focused and determined spirit like I did for building this website. Right now, I enjoy the thought of playing more than playing.

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” Bette Davis

Dreams don’t materialize out of thin air. They materialize out of hard work.

When I was young, I had fun and worked hard at guitar and was able to delight my friends while annoying the crotchety old neighbors. 😜 A young “rebel without a cause”. Now I’m an old “rebel with a pause”.

Casting to the Net

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  1. “Dreams don’t materialize out of thin air. They materialize out of hard work.“

    Love this Dad! Especially as I work toward my own dreams… one little brick at a time. 😊

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