Music is a celebration of God’s gifts

music awakens the senses
composing reflections from life’s reasoned fences
encoded skill and mind is the foundry
beyond the grip of night’s emotional boundary

Music is under construction. I lay the groundwork here for what I hope is fun to come!

Peddle Boogie & Jam

Sounds eminating from the basement

“Oblio” – 1974 Ovation Artist Balladeer
“Snoopy, Bullwinkle, Marvin, Buzz, Optimus, Woody and Rocky” – My “Freedom’s Elation” retirement rig! There’s nothing practical about this unless you weigh an old man’s childhood dream.
“Marvin” – This is my electric guitar pedal board. For those of you who don’t know, these are electronic sound modulation and distortion foot controlled devices guitarists use to establish certain tones and effects in their playing. You could call it a foot stomping music machine.
“Woody” – 2016 Gibson Standard LP accompanied with “Buzz” – Sweetwater Sound PreSonus/sE/Shure/Focusrite recording gear zeroed in on one of “Bullwinkle’s” eight Celestion G12 Vintage 1960 Marshall speakers.
“Snoopy” – 2016 Fender American Standard Strat with accompaniment.
“Optimus” – 2017 Furman power conditioner and “Rocky” – 2021 Marshall MG15GR practice amp.
“Bullwinkle” – 2017 Marshall JVM410H with 1960 Vintage full stack.

see blog (Home) “AllSpark” for more

Marshall Mallows

October 14, 2021 – Time keeps ticking.

While I hope to add recordings here at some point, currently when I play, my fingertips feel like uncoordinated marshmallows with nerve endings.

You see, my guitars have been mostly sitting idly by for a long time. Thusly, my fingertips are out of shape. Where they used to have calluses when I was a teenager, they now have marshmallows… with nerve endings.

The only remedy for uncoordinated marshmallows is to develop calluses. 

And while I’m whining, I might as well throw in my knees… unlike John Prine’s, they’re not fit for the needy, especially the left one. You see, I accidentally whacked it with my three pound hammer a few decades ago nailing some landscape timbers. Ouch!

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies!” Bette Davis 

July 22, 2022 – I began seriously practicing my guitar today. How long it will take is up in the air. I’m starting out with Oblio, my 1974 Ovation Artist Balladeer acoustic, and finger picking a few upper fret notes until my fingers hurt. My acoustic has higher action on the strings and is a bit harder to press than my electrics. I think the extra string resistance will help me get in shape sooner. I can only play about ten minutes. Then I have to rest my marshmallows for a while.

I know it’s fretful, and I’m kinda picking on myself. But I just keep stringing me along. I hope this corny muse it note strikes a chord with you!

Oblio’s Head

August 15, 2022 – My guitar was great fun as a teenager. I’m looking forward to recapturing that feeling again!

My first step was to enlist HELP for Oblio’s high string action on the fretboard.

I found a talented shop in Kennesaw, GA, Artisan Luthiers. Jim Hobson performed a superb setup adjustment by removing the spacers under the saddle and leveling the frets which lowered the action on the strings.

Playing is like butter for my marshmallows now. 

Thanks Jim! You do excellent work! It was a pleasure meeting you and your son Blake. Y’all make a great family!

HummerHead II

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