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…is that which reaches the soul and engulfs the spirit as a beautiful sound.

everybody’s a critic


There’s currently not a whole lot of music on this webpage unless you’re like me and hear it all the time. A bipolar brain is a busy place. There’s music in the air and inside, between my ears.

HummerHead 2 – TBD
Marshall Mallows – what’s up

HummerHead 2

When I recapture my “AllSpark
I’ll post my first recording here.

Marshall Mallows

My interests change with the proverbial wind. I started guitar when I was ten and stopped in my early thirties. A forty year hiatus has left me with four fretful fingers and some meandering marshmallows with touchy-feely nerve endings for fingertips. But my “sweet little imagination” keeps me in tow.

“Nothing is easy”, so I’ve done an awful lot of that. I practice a little, I just need to develop a guitar “AllSpark”… a fun focused and determined spirit like in my youth and like what’s in Ed’s Website. 🌴

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” Bette Davis

Dreams don’t materialize out of thin air. They materialize out of hard work.

When I was young, I had fun and worked hard at guitar and was able to delight my friends while annoying the crotchety old neighbors…

A young “rebel without a cause”.

Now I’m a crotchety old “rebel with a pause”.

For years, I planned to rekindle my art and music hobbies at retirement. Well, plans are wasted if we don’t follow through. 

My “sweet little imagination” had me painting away and making gobs of guitar recordings once I retired. I started preparations years in advance, purchasing a surplus professional art table and guitar gear that I had only dreamed about as a teenager.

Late in my career, my employer requested that I give them a retirement date so they could train a replacement. So I did. In 2016… I told them I would retire at the end of 2019. It wound up being January 3, 2020, just in time for the pandemic.

At first, I started out buffing up my art and music skills. This went on for a few months but I wasn’t feeling the joy that I had in my earlier life. Especially not for the guitar. So I added this music page to my website hoping to put a little friendly pressure on myself to get my guitar playing in gear. (Yep, there’s a pun there.) 🥴

It’s May 6, 2024 and as you can see, I still haven’t followed through. Now I’m stuck with an art table, guitar gear, and a motivational webpage that’s collecting dust. What a stubborn man I am. I can’t seem to let go of my “sweet little imagination”. Maybe this confessional will help loosen the rusted cogs. Maybe I just need a good whack with a motivational stick!

Ed’s Website 🌴
Casting to the Net

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  1. “Dreams don’t materialize out of thin air. They materialize out of hard work.“

    Love this Dad! Especially as I work toward my own dreams… one little brick at a time. 😊

  2. I wonder if some of this is that nostalgic feeling of wishing for the more carefree days of youth.
    I get it that some of us non-neurotypicals aren’t exactly carefree from knee high and up. Yet at that time it was only about adjusting our own sails to whatever wind was around us. We didn’t have to keep an entire family floating in harmony.

    As our brains mature, things do get weeded out. It’s a matter of survival, we can’t focus on everything and do justice to all.

    To everything there is a season.

    Sometimes it’s a very painful season, especially when I realize I can’t pursue my former hobby like I was able to do when young.

    I know I can’t handle noise I used to not only tolerate, but enjoy. Now some things drive me over the edge. At times in large family gatherings I wish to go hide out where there’s nobody and no commotion going on.

    I think it’s why I find camping more soothing than tourist destinations.
    Nature calms me, people don’t.

    Once again, rambling on and on:)
    Have a blessed day, Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn,
      You and I share a similarity. But I have been a little slower understanding myself. Thank you for your non-rambling comments. You’re a great help. I love your thoughts and the kindness behind them. ❤️

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