Emmie T and me by the sea
Jake and Pop Pop, “You lookin’ at me?”

Jesus, in speaking about children, told us that the kingdom of heaven is meant for “such as these”… Maybe because kids are too young to keep themselves out of Heaven. I take it to mean we don’t need to worry about their soul. God has them covered.


When I was a child I thought I was perfect. But eventually, I learned to think like an adult. I discovered that achieving perfection is impossible. 

Now I’m old and I am beginning to think like a child again. Sure I know I can’t DO anything “perfect”, but I’m realizing that God made ME perfect… even with a disordered brain, a bad set of teeth, and the ability to only hit one home run and it was at a Little League practice. It wasn’t even a practice game. It sailed over the Mableton Lions Club right center fence. I can still see it sailing just as it disappeared into the pine trees.

Perfection is in all of God’s creation. I feel it. I sense it. I know it.

I could die right now and it would be a perfect ending. I’ve had my perfect beginning. 

I thought for a long time that life isn’t perfect… but it is. Life’s a lesson in humility. I’ve learned my lesson. Now I’m “perfect” again. 

But I will continue to make mistakes until I die.

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By Ed Caldwell

I was once tired, now I’m REtired… Except for some unavoidable honey-dos, I pretty much goof off for a living now. My last career job was designing internet operating circuit boards along with a distinguished team of engineers, managers and support personnel. Prior to that I was an electronics technician evolving into circuit board design in the defense industry working with tactical missile systems. My first career job was a professional artist. During my younger years I worked many odd jobs beginning at age nine with a newspaper delivery route.

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