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Welcome to a site for more eyes
wandering in wonder while
pondering the yonder.

🌴 Introduction 🌴

I’ve been looking 👀 to build a good website that makes a sunny side difference for everyone because everyone makes a difference. ❤️💕

Who – My name is Ed, short for Edward. My parents fought over what to name me. My dad wanted me to have his dad’s name. My mother wanted to name me after a popular singer in her day, Richard Edward Arnold (Eddy Arnold). They compromised with Edward and captured my grandfather’s initials, EMC. I’m a baby boomer. Katie is my youngest. Ashley is my oldest. Susan is my wife and best friend. ❤️

What – 🌴 Ed’s ArtSite browses safely and free of commercials without threats from trolls, viruses, spam, phishing, or any other social evil. 👿… The internet is a busy place. This particular World Wide Web “place” is my therapeutic hobby. It’s designed to be a calming island in the eye of our social storm. A mental balm if you will, filled with uplifting art, words, and safe web-links… 🌴 A relaxing cyber “space” with lots of “calm” trees. 🌴

When – I started this website in September 2007. It was a mess at first, but now it’s grown into a bigger mess. Ed’s ArtSite developed a “paradigm shift” after I retired at the beginning of 2020… More free time equals more free mess. 😎

Why – I love God. I love my family. And I love you. I endeavor to reflect love for God’s Creation. I endeavor to inspire love. I endeavor toward stable mental health. And I endeavor to be funny like a, trying hard to blend in, left behind, wacky outer space alien. 👀 I built Ed’s ArtSite for baby boomers, my family, and myself… Mostly fun therapy for myself. I battle with mental illness and therapists cost more than a website. 🌴

Where – I’m out there, but very blessed and very grateful. God loves me. He’s inside me. God’s inside you too. God is in everything, even the internet. But the Devil is also out there, including the Web, because God gave him access to us 👁, but we can overcome. 🌴

Common Sense 🤔

I searched the internet for a list of human senses and got a result of seven. (1) Sight (2) Sound (3) Smell (4) Taste (5) Touch (6) Balance (7) Self-movement – which discounts two… (8) Spirit and (9) Soul – or simply ignores them because they’re intangible. Many deny what we can’t physically prove… although “physical” is arguable, which I briefly cover in this website.

We each have a spirit (emotion) and soul (self-awareness). We experience these two senses the same as the other seven but we don’t have a “physical” means of transcribing or demonstrating them except to speak, write, or fashion what we emotionally and individually feel and think… this is art. This is Ed’s ArtSite.🌴

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Nine by Seven 

art is something our nine senses reveal
writing is something our heart teaches us
music is something of and from both

art, words, and music awaken the senses
composing mood reflections from life’s reasoned fences
encoded skill and mind is the foundry

beyond the grip of night’s emotional boundary
works evolve as inspired emotion is resolved
only completed when an audience is involved

🌴see Balance exposition🌴

✍️ From the World Wide Web:


Lynn’s  comment from my Art page is insightfully descriptive of Ed’s ArtSite and me… (copied and added links)

“Your writing accompanying your work titled Balance is vivid. I recoiled from it before I even read what you were dealing with at the time.

Your drawings of the dragons feel like you acknowledge there is an evil presence that you need to dominate so you won’t be subject to them.

You have the same thorn in your side that afflicts several of my family members. Periodically they are on the dark side of the moon. After a season they return to the bright side, and have a depth of vision found in the deep. The stars shine the brighter because they don’t expect them to be a constant fixture.

That shadow constantly is trying to swallow the church and its light.

Have a blessed day,

🌴 To the World Wide Web:


Within these virtual world wide website walls is a message for everyone. It’s a global conundrum solver. God has a plan, a good, pleasing, and perfect plan. It’s a feeling we get when we stop long enough, look intently enough, and listen quietly enough, in silent prayer.

Unresolved mild or severe mental illness undermines and distorts pure thought. Everyone experiences some level of mental illness. More often than not, it goes undetected. Christ was the only human to experience pure thought. The rest of us are imperfect and subject to our own unique mental adversities.

👤 Mental illness is the enemy’s domain. 👿 Hate is its primary tool. Stress and pride are the conflict instigators.

We overcome love’s adversity by humbly seeking and accepting help. Together in love and humility we are closer to God.

❤️ Love is the thread stitching difference together. Love’s Spirit is the needle overcoming difference. Life is the fabric containing love’s evolving and unique patterns. *Home is the pin keeping the fabric in place… Home is where the mind can rest and the spirit can soar!

Jesus Christ’s “pen” 👣 demonstrates how to overcome and escape negativity’s grasp by working toward following in His thoughtful and behavioral footsteps.

When we stop judging and start loving… GOOD things happen!

Ed’s ArtSite 🌴

Casting to the Net

*Home… is what we make it to be.


Published September 28, 2007
Last update March 24, 2024 – BluePrint
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