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Art is a celebration of God’s gifts!

Eds-Art.Net is a web project of thought and art expression. My hope and goal has always been to help challenge others to feel a little better! Which is something artists dream about in their work… having the audience feel the artist’s emotion! 

Sharing is at the heart of Art!

I’m not being paid to advertise for anyone and nothing here is for sale. Ed’s Art Net is a spiritually driven, fun hobby. But it doesn’t keep me out of trouble!


Sean of the South is my favorite writer. Without straining a muscle, but by simply articulating his funny bone, he reaches our soul and unfolds it right in front of us, in a good way.

Sean helps tons of people. And I get tons of inspiration from Sean’s writings. I’m learning how to write by reading his work. I struggle. But if I edit enough, my writing doesn’t stinketh!

Sean Dietrich, excerpt from The Holy City:
(Sean is writing about himself and it reminds me of me)

“… I know this boy. But I haven’t seen him in years. I always forget what a nice boy he is.

And this niceness attribute, as it happens, is where a lot of his problems stem from.

Because the old saying is true, nice guys really do finish last. It’s merely a matter of physics. In the game of life, the role of the nice guy is to hold the door for everyone else. To refill the other guy’s iced tea.

But it’s a double-edged blade because nice guys aren’t usually nice to themselves. Nice guys have a hard time loving old Number One…”

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Ed’s Art Net is intended for ages 12 and up. A great deal of content is not suitable for younger children due to some scary artwork and mature subjects including religion and mental illness.

if the moon were to speak 
would it not be humbling 
all our howlings rebounding

I like to imagine that I’m communicating with one person over the internet. I proofread and edit my writing a number of times pretending to be the targeted reader. 

Will the reader understand?

What mistakes did I make?

This is how I got really good at editing! I’ve never been great at writing. But I love editing with a computer. Computers make correcting simple! 

Life should be as easy to correct as a computer aided design! 

Artists finish their work and an audience completes it!


Home is my internet front porch. Come on in!

Art is currently mostly a collection of my early years work with a few recent pieces. I try to make it interesting with exposition.

Words is writings from my personal impression of the Christian religion. I briefly looked at others to try and gain a better perspective of GodI go out on a spiritual limb by sharing my deepest personal thoughts.

Blog is what it says. Posts are featured in traditional blog order, most recent first. Each post stands alone and has some assemblage of flow if you start at the blog beginning (Memories, comments) and read forward from there.

Rides is a compilation of road trips and experiences mostly in the southern Appalachian Mountains. It’s a fun webpage for anyone interested in motorcycle touring adventure.

Bipolar contains details of my bipolar disorder plus mental health aspirations, and opinions.

About contains a brief description of Ed’s Art Net and some writings about me and my family.

Epilogue contains my closing messages, footnotes, and credits.

Kate’s Korner is what it says. It’s my favorite youngest daughter’s corner of Ed’s Art Net. She is a medical masters degreed health professional that enjoys writing and has an online wellness clinic for folks that need help with nutritional health.

My favorite oldest daughter, Ash, is an education masters degreed PE teacher currently super busy at being a super mom.

My wife, Susan, is retired from our county animal shelter. She’s been an animal advocate all her life. Our house is easy to spot, you just need to look for a gathering of well fed wild critters. Me included.

Ed Caldwell (Bear) 
Casting Art to the Net

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