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ART is something your senses reveal to you. WRITING is something your heart teaches you. MUSIC is something of both.

Artists finish their work and an audience completes it.

What’s Ed’s Art Net?

It’s a fun hobby… a WordPress philanthropic web art project.

Some writings are better suited for ages 12 & up and some artwork may be too scary for toddlers.

Ed’s Art Net has safeguards in place for worry free web browsing. It contains website links, writing thinks, artwork inks, and music syncs. There’s a great deal to explore. Click the underlined links placed throughout Ed’s Art Net for safe inter-netting fun.

Who’s Ed?

Edward M. Caldwell commonartist/commonologist

I’ve worked more than one profession, but at my core, I’m a common artist. At my heart, an off grid Christian family man commonologist.


Ed’s Art Net started in Fall 2007 and paradigm shifted in early 2020 when I retired.


Ed’s Art Net resides within the ether on IONOS web hosting internet servers.


Ed’s Art Net provides some curiously good browsing for my family and a world wide wandering web audience.

I love sharing my work to the internet. It helps me in a good way and I hope it helps you in some good way too… My shared dream is that everyone learns how to love their neighbor and that this website somehow philanthropically contributes… Peace comes from following the path untrodden.

One of the many neatest things about life is how uniquely different we can all be. Music, for example, is funny because it unites and separates the masses. Kind of like religion and politics. But in spite of all the divisionary differences we endure, we all love emotionally the same. So spiritually, we can find a sameness in our uniqueness. Love is the wonderful stitcher of differences. When we look to each other with our heart, we can see and feel common ground at our feet.

Ed’s Art Net expounds on our directive to love unconditionally. The yoke is easy. The reward is far more than any of us deserve.

Sharing is at the heart of art.
Love is at the heart of sharing.

Come visit my front porch and let’s share a feeling that Someone and something good is at work in our somewhat chaotic midst.

Love works when nothing else does.


1. Home – is my website front porch.

2. Art – is a collection of my early years work with a few recent pieces. I try to make it interesting with exposition.

3. Words – is my blog. Foreword provides an introduction. Foundation and Love are my favorite posts containing a heart felt, mind melt message.

4. Music – is a long story… best laid plans and all that… the foundation is there but construction is running behind schedule.

5. Rides – is a compilation of road trips mostly in north Georgia and the southern Appalachian Mountains. It’s a fun webpage for anyone interested in motorcycle touring adventure.

6. Kate’s Korner – is my youngest daughter’s corner of Ed’s Art Net. She’s a medical master’s degree health professional that enjoys writing and has an online wellness clinic for folks that need help with nutritional health.

7. Afterword – is my closing messages, footnotes, and credits.

8. About – is a brief description of Ed’s Art Net, me and my family.

9. Privacy policy – is site operation information.

Ed’s Art Net is dedicated to my loving family.
Home is where your mind can rest, and your spirit can soar.

Casting Art to the Net
Canton, Georgia, USA

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  1. I am impressed that you got this far. I look forward to seeing what else is out here in your little part of the Net world. Great job from one retired person to another. I retired Dec. 2021.

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