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Dear Reader,

Welcome and thanks for visiting! An audience is the final touch of an artist’s work!

Artists may finish their work,
but an audience completes it

This website is a celebration of thought and art expression. It has survived after countless hours of editing. What you see here now, is NOT how it started. I find better ways to convey my thoughts. I make corrections. I add stuff. It’s a labor of love.

Art is a celebration of God’s gifts!

My hope and goal has always been to engage and challenge others. Which is something artists commonly dream about in their work… having an audience share in the artist’s emotion! 

Sharing a gift is at the heart of Art!

I’m not being paid to advertise for anyone and nothing here is for sale. Ed’s Art Net is a spiritually driven, fun hobby. But it doesn’t keep me out of trouble!

Ed’s Art Net is intended for ages 12 and up. A great deal of content is not suitable for younger children due to some scary artwork and mature subjects including religion and mental illness.

As far as copyrights – You are free to copy and share any of my work. In fact, I encourage it.

Please spread the word if you like what you experience here! Ed’s Art Net is a free, no strings attached, answer for conquering the chaotic.


Writing is something your heart teaches you. ❤️

I learned that from my good virtual internet friend that I admire greatly, Sean of the South, who very entertainingly exemplifies the love of people, music, and writing with his art. You can see Sean at the Grand Ole Opry on June 10 at 7 PM.

Ripple Effects (excerpts)

by Katie Caldwell

I’ve told my dad how I’m glad he fought the battles he has and kept pushing through. I wouldn’t be here if his life had taken a different direction. And I’m so proud of how he broke the cycle of addiction and trauma from his childhood to create his own life…his own journey… his own story.

I wish I could take away the pain and hardships he has suffered from… as we all wish we could when we have family or friends who have been hurt or are still hurting.  But I’m so proud, as an adult now looking back at my life, that he has been able to persevere through so many obstacles and make a life that has had a ripple effect on me and my family. 

I think, perhaps, part of my “keep going when the going gets tough” mindset, I owe to him.

Thank you, Dad, for allowing me to share in this sacred space that I know you hold dear in your heart… read more


I think I would make a good spaceman… Sometimes I enjoy being alone as much as being with others.

The Internet is well space suited for “alone” remote audience commonology oriented work like Ed’s Art Net. Because the Internet is crowdless. Nobody physically goes there. The world wide web exists only within the electronic ether.

Thusly, the Internet is the closest thing to a physical medium that provides a fun, spiritual, and people focused, easy peasy to edit metaphysical “canvas” for me to metaphysically “paint” and browsers like you to metaphysically “visit”.

You could have a lot of fellow metaphysical visitors, but short of the movie Tron, y’all would never form a physical person crowd inside the ether. Nobody REALLY goes there!

However, in spite of ever increasing network speeds, a rapid influx of simultaneous visitors could form a crowded network packet bandwidth bottleneck… An electronic internet traffic jam, at Ed’s Art Net.

You’ll know the possibility of an Internet traffic jam by a delay in your browser’s response time.

If Yogi Berra was still around, he might say, “Nobody goes there. It’s too crowded.” And both statements could be true.

Love works when nothing else does!

Bear Facts

Christ’s church is within each one of us. When two or three gather in spiritual Love… we’ve built a church. We’re never “outside” the love of a spiritual church. A physical structure primarily simply provides shelter.

Jesus taught us human networking. He was people spirit oriented. I believe that’s what Jesus was explaining when He told His disciple, Peter, that He would build His church on Peter the “Rock”… a parable of His good and perfect plan.

I like to imagine that I’m communicating with one person over the internet. I proofread and edit my writing a number of times pretending to be the targeted reader. 

Will the reader understand?

What mistakes did I make?

This is how I got really good at editing! I’ve never been great at writing. My thoughts tend to scatter with the wind. Editing helps me better focus my ‘not always so ordered’ thoughts. And I love working with a computer. Computers make correcting simple! 

CAD was my life giving source of income for a number of years. So I’m no stranger to a mouse and keyboard.

Life should be as easy to correct as a computer aided design! 


1. Home – is my internet front porch. This is it! Come on in!

2. Art – is currently mostly a collection of my early years work with a few recent pieces. I try to make it interesting with exposition.

3. Music – is under construction… long story… I’m laying groundwork there for what I hope is fun to come.

4. Words – Ed’s Art Net is a potential virtual church. A virtual “Sunday school”, where we can share our thinkings. As you interact with my website, you are interacting with my thoughts and spirit. And God’s Spirit is ALWAYS with us. We’re never spiritually truly “alone”, if we listen.

5. Blog – Posts are featured in traditional blog order, most recent first. Each post stands alone and has some assemblage of flow if you start at the blog beginning (Memories, comments) and read forward from there.

6. Rides – is a compilation of road trips mostly in north Georgia and the southern Appalachian Mountains. It’s a fun webpage for anyone interested in motorcycle touring adventure.

7. Bipolar – contains details of my bipolar disorder plus mental health aspirations, and opinions. This webpage provides some insight for those of you that know me and reveals some of the inner goings on in a bipolar brain for the curious.

8. About – contains a brief description of Ed’s Art Net and some writings about me and my family.

9. Afterword – contains my closing messages, footnotes, and credits.

10. Kate’s Korner – is my favorite youngest daughter’s corner of Ed’s Art Net. She’s a medical master’s degree health professional that enjoys writing and has an online wellness clinic for folks that need help with nutritional health.

I also have a favorite oldest daughter, Ash. She’s a very busy mom to my favorite busy grandkids! Ash is a master’s degree PE teacher currently head deep in child raising.

Ed Caldwell (Bear)
Casting Art to the Net

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