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A Theory of Mind

Like our fellow planetary inhabitants, humans share common traits each with a unique self-awareness. This sharing of human traits leads us into social interactions with physical and mental support roles or else contempt for others. Contempt is a negative human emotion. Support is more common among God’s creatures.

God helps us when we seek help and are able to listen. Sometimes, God messages us through others. Like a critter, a tree, a sunrise, a special needs child, or even a friend. God showed us how to love on earth as Jesus.

Sometimes, God’s just showing us that He loves us.

Occasionally, we’re faced with challenges designed to help us grow a more stable, stronger sense of self and spirit. This website is one such challenge… for you AND me.

Common Senses

I searched the internet for a list of human senses and got a result of seven. (1) Sight (2) Sound (3) Smell (4) Taste (5) Touch (6) Balance (7) Self-movement – which discounts two… (8) Spirit and (9) Soul

We each experience spirit (Emotions) and soul (Self-awareness). We process these two senses in our brain same as the other seven.

Emotions and self are demonstrated in speaking, writing, and fashioning from what we feel and think.
Our actions reveal us.
Our work tells a tale.

believe what you feel
express what you think
love what is true
and be you


art is something our nine senses reveal
writing is something our heart teaches us
music is something of and from both

art, words, and music awaken the senses
composing mood reflections from life’s reasoned fences
encoded skill and mind is the foundry

beyond the grip of night’s emotional boundary
works evolve as inspired emotion is resolved
only completed when an audience is involved

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