Inspired Words 🌴 …are that which reach the soul and engulf the spirit as a beautiful thought. My thoughts move with the proverbial wind. (Mattered and scattered comes to mind.) When I was young, words were boring. I would “read” books by studying the illustrations. I had to grow up a lot before beginning to… Continue reading Contents

Nested 🍻

A new path… My wife and I discovered a bird nest in our fern hanging basket next to the front porch swing. Susan had noticed that the fern leaves were in disarray and wanted to straighten them out. So I grabbed the basket and handed it to her. We soon got an earful from a… Continue reading Nested 🍻

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M42 Image from Cloudbait Observatory Many believe that we were created from star stuff. And that stars were born from the very hot and super compressed matter creation event science calls the Big Bang theory. Many believe that the Big Bang was caused by God. And that everything that’s been created since the beginning, is… Continue reading Dust

BluePrint 💙

Herein, is an approach to worshiping God. I’m not a prophet or clergy, I’m a commonologist with no credentials other than I love God… same as a lot of other folks. I’m just compelled to write about it. But it’s just my opinion. Everybody has one. I believe the best way to worship and serve… Continue reading BluePrint 💙

Dear Audience

Letter to my readers… Spiritual Resolution 🌴 Thank you for visiting my website! This letter is an introduction to my five page site summary message about sharing love for others. A hypertext link is placed at the bottom of each post for selecting the subsequent page, linking them in order. 🔗 My assertion that the Bible… Continue reading Dear Audience


Ed’s ArtSite is meant to help all of us interested in mental healing. It’s NOT meant to do anything else. If you find you want to feel sorry for me… please feel a sense of accomplishment instead… like I do. 😎 I’m subject to mental illness. For example, I have self esteem issues. Inferiority feelings… Continue reading Inside❤️Out

Web Friends

I’m blessed with a beautiful audience. Thank you for gracing my website. We share a spiritual connection through the common emotion of love. ❤️ At least that’s always been my hope. 😇 Web Friends dedicated to Sean Dietrich I’m overwhelmed by the kindness and humor found in Sean’s blog. Sean and his commenters have taught… Continue reading Web Friends


Touched with Fire is an artful book written about bipolar disorder. That book can help the curious understand some of the various individual behaviors of a disordered brain. Mental illness is widespread and mostly undetected. My website has always been my therapist but is also geared towards the hopeful helping of others. I don’t attend… Continue reading Therapy


I believe God’s got interactive helpers. There’s been numerous times when I felt that I have an angel looking out for me. Three stand out. I was with my two young friends, Stanley and Butch. We were “swimming” in Lake Allatoona. My swim skills were limited to getting wet, so we were standing neck deep… Continue reading Angel


“The Devil is in the details.” This is a confession, it’s not a plea for help. I’m safely supervised, stable and under control. But sometimes I wrestle with the validity of my own thoughts. I believe that angels have been intervening in my life so I can deliver a message with a website. I have… Continue reading Delusion