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Somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway

My assertion that the Bible is not entirely perfect is blasphemous to some. I think we’d been confused by a scheming Devil preying on our somewhat narcissistic (self focused) nature… “glory for men”.

Bible referencing and God worshipping appears perfect to me. Putting more weight on words from God and “God in human flesh” than the Bible writer’s own words. Letting the Bible writers’ work frame but not dictate to us outside their quoting of God’s Words because ALL of us fully humans are subject to our emotions. Maybe especially the Bible writers and editors.

For affirmation, my assertion should be tested by comparing the Bible writer’s words with God’s. I believe God’s message to us is simply to love one another. I also believe that we’d placed Holy attributes where they don’t belong on imperfect humans. God’s Message to love is simple. Our spirits (emotions) are not.

Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John said, “Whoever believes in (Jesus) is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

Jesus was reassuring the disciples that He was of God. They were shaken and scared. Jesus had told them He was going to die. Jesus wasn’t dictating policy, He was telling us that He and God are One. Jesus, in his ministry, showed us how to think and behave. He wasn’t preaching that we would go to hell if we didn’t believe in Him. Some people think and behave like Jesus without knowing or else believing in Christ. Jesus said we would not know who is allowed to come to the Father. The least of us would be first.

John was lovingly but perhaps unknowingly dictating policy. He basically told us that even if we think and behave like Christ but don’t believe in Him we are condemned. That doesn’t sound like something Jesus would say or do to us. Jesus loves us. John loved us but he was in pain over his best friend’s death. And John knew who killed Jesus and why. John’s words are probably directed toward the Sanhedrin. Christ’s killers.

The Devil’s messages are aggressively complex and deceptive. Satan preys on our emotions and wants us to die. I do battle with the crafty demon. Maybe you’ve come across him as well.

Satan says things to me like, “You are wrong and should delete this website so as not to embarrass yourself and your family any further. Why are you making waves for traditional Bible believing. Isn’t that catastrophically dangerous for yourself AND the Christian community?”

The answer is only yes if ALL the human writers of the Bible were always PERFECT in ALL their writings. Then I’m off base.

I see that the Bible writers captured God’s messaging. I also see that the Bible’s writers wrote from their own free willed spirit and soul embellishing their own emotions. I further see the fact that the Bible writers were fully human. Truth should be based on empirical evidence not “glory” for us fully humans. Glory and worship belongs on the Lord and the Lord’s loving Message.

I know that Satan’s been after us from the beginning. I know he’s crafty. And I know we’re all vulnerable. 

I get a clear message in my brain that God’s plan is a lot less complicated than we are and that God loves everyone. So who will make the cut to Heaven? Certainly those that love believing Jesus Christ is their savior… but what about those that love not knowing or believing in Christ.

I think loving God (Nature), others and ourselves is the Message Satan has distorted to create division among us using our selfish pride and passion as a weapon.

My spirit wants nothing to do with conflict except to reach truth and peace. I believe that’s what Jesus was teaching… Truth and Peace. I don’t believe that He was teaching us to separate with our different doctrines and religions. I believe He was teaching us to love one another. 

I believe we have doctrinal and religious separation because we’re all subject to our own unique thoughts. We’ve added our own messages to God’s. Because we’re not robots. We have egos, emotions and a soul. I also believe that us mere humans can only do the best we can and aren’t able to be perfect for more than a dream.

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