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In basic summary, Ed’s Art Net resends an old Bible message…

Love God, and love others as you love yourself.

Imagine if everyone did that! 

Imagine if everyone was mentally healthy!

It’s a pipe dream, but I’m not the first and only human to ever wonder about that. 

It’s a shared dream about living in heaven on earth. It’s an integral part of Jesus’s instruction in how to pray to God the Father, 

“… your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…”

Do you hope for Heaven?

heaven “starts” with repentance 
and “begins” with forgiveness

The thief on the cross who accompanied Jesus to Heaven is our best scriptural example of repentance and forgiveness. The second thief, also beside Jesus, did not repent and did not recognize Christ. Those two thieves give us a clear and precise lesson in the power of love and the tragedy of hate.

Understanding comes from the Spirit.

“On the threshold of a dream”

Building Ed’s Art Net has been a rewarding experience akin to meeting a stranger and not knowing what to expect. Then after a lengthy and healthy exchange becoming great friends! 

Artists finish their work and an audience completes it


I admire bears! 

I respect them. And I’m really impressed by their keen ability to sleep. 

Bears don’t “beat around the bush”, they eat it! I love their demeanor, which is usually quiet, steadfast and to the point. As with most wild animals, they typically mind their own business and try to keep away from humans. Thusly making them smarter than dogs and cats. But if they lose their fear of humans because of readily available food, they most often end up being euthanized. 

So please don’t feed the bears!
Unless his name is Ed!


Most of all, thanks to God, who deserves ALL the credit!

Thanks to my family and friends for the help with spelling and grammar. But mostly for the life lessons, love, patience, and understanding!

The truest True lives inside us

Glory belongs to God!

Thank you for completing!
Ed’s Art Net

Ed Caldwell (Bear)

Canton, Georgia USA

Casting Art to the Net 
“Above the clouds, the sun is shining!

Sharing is at the heart of art

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My GoFundMe gifting account is for funding Ed’s Art Net after I die. I would love for my website to remain online indefinitely. But God’s will rules and Ed drools 🤤, so we will see how it goes!

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