“Fin” is the Latin word for “end”… “ish” is used to indicate a “sort of” or “about” condition. “I’ll meet you around noonish for the moon launch.” Every now and then, I feel like I’m “finished” with Ed’s Art Net. Artists like to “fin” their work. But I’m not sure if this particular art project has an “end”. Every time I think I’m fin, something comes up ish.

Sometimes it seems an old familiar road has developed too many ruts. Sometimes the best path is a new one.

Peter Gabriel’s, Solsbury Hill is a favorite song about turning off from life’s routine onto a new and different path.

Building Ed’s Art Net has been a rewarding experience akin to meeting a stranger and not knowing what to expect. Then after a lengthy exchange becoming great friends! 

Katie, my youngest, asked me a while back to write something about myself for her in a little “dad” book to have for posterity. I hope this website does a better job than I did in my book.

Casting Art to the Net
Canton, Georgia, USA


I admire bears! 

I respect them. And I’m really impressed by their keen ability to sleep. 

Bears don’t “beat around the bush”, they eat it! I love their demeanor, which is usually quiet, steadfast and to the point. As with most wild animals, they typically mind their own business and try to keep away from humans. Thusly making them smarter than dogs and cats. But if they lose their fear of humans because of readily available food, they most often end up being euthanized. 

So please don’t feed the bears!


Special thanks to Susan1 and Susan2, without whom I would be lost in space.

Thanks to my family and friends for their help with spelling and grammar. But mostly for the life lessons, love, patience, and understanding.

Thanks to you for finishing Ed’s Art Net.

Most of all, thanks to God, who deserves ALL the credit for everything!

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