Afterword 👀

“Fin” is the Latin word for “end”… “ish” is used to indicate a “sort of” or “about” condition. “I’ll meet you around noonish for the moon launch.”

Every now and then, I feel like I’m “finished” with my website… artists like to “fin” their work. But I’m not sure if this project has an “end”. Whenever I think I’m at the fin, something always comes up-ish.

Occasionally an old familiar road develops too many ruts. Sometimes the best path is some new pavement or else a completely new road… Peter Gabriel’s, Solsbury Hill is a favorite song about turning from an old road onto a new one.


The Internet is Earth’s lighted metaphysical stage. Building this website has been a rewarding experience akin to meeting a stranger and not knowing what to expect. Then after a lengthy exchange becoming great friends! 

Katie, my youngest, asked me a while back to write something about myself for her in a “dad” book to have for posterity. I hope this website does a better job than I did in my book.


Below I explain my artist’s poem from the home page for the benefit of anyone who would like an explanation.

art is something our nine senses reveal
(sight, sound, smell, taste, touch,
vestibular, proprioception
, spirit, soul)

writing is something our heart teaches us
(insight is cultivated in a seeking heart)

music is something of and from both
(music comes in and out our senses)

art, words, and music awaken the senses
(inspired works can make us feel good or bad)

composing mood reflections from life’s reasoned fences
(we each have unique perspectives so reactions to a work vary)

encoded skill and mind is the foundry
(everyone has gifts to share)

beyond the grip of night’s emotional boundary
(anxiety and depression stifle inspiration)

works evolve as inspired emotion is resolved
(creativity is bolstered by the spirit)

only completed when an audience is involved
(artist’s work is defined by its audience)


Artists finish their work.
An audience completes it.

God knows what’s best. God has a plan, a good, pleasing, and perfect plan. It’s a feeling we get when we stop long enough, look intently enough, and listen quietly enough, in private prayer.

I hear God’s Message… and He wants us to pass it along…

Hang on to what gives you peace. Hang on to what helps you to love and uplift others along with yourself. 

Ed’s Website 🌴
Casting to the Net

PS – Whatever feeling we get when we contemplate God stems from our own personal collection of experiences. No one else but us knows exactly what that is. When we share our beliefs we are broadcasting our experiences but not listening.

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Special thanks to Susan1 and Susan2, without whom I would be lost in space.

Thanks to my family and friends for their help with spelling and grammar. But mostly for the life lessons, love, patience, and understanding.

Thank YOU for completing my website!

Most of all, thanks to God, who deserves ALL the credit for EVERYTHING!

I’m very blessed and very grateful. God loves me. I have a loving family and audience. I could not have built this website without God’s help. He helps through my spirit, others, and He messages me with His Art. All I had to do was listen.


We are God made and man kind.

I pray that in grateful silence… we ask less and listen more.


Afterword dedicated to web friends

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    1. Hi Tom,
      I hope you’re feeling well. I just realized, after all this time, that perhaps I needed to clarify with you that I’m not affiliated with Sean of the South except as a fan. In case you weren’t just thanking Sean in your comment, for being Sean. And I gave you an “affiliated” impression. Sean did actually answer one of my emails. Guess I’m bragging about that. He’s in demand. I comment on Sean’s blog because I love his work and his audience.
      Take care,
      PS – I’m glad you liked my website.

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