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I hope you understand my website. I’m “touched with fire”. At seventy two years old, I love to think and write… then burden others with my thoughts.😬 I’m retired… wandering in wonder while pondering the yonder.😇 I’m not after anything with Ed’s Website but enjoying my own Internet hobby.😎 It’s a tribute to God, family, and friends.❤️ But I probably enjoy it more than anyone.🤓

An engineer once told me that “better was the enemy of good enough”… But since I’m an obsessed artist, this website continues to be a work in progress. It’s shareable to everyone who can understand the word conundrum.

Some artwork might scare young kids. Please share responsibly. ❤️

I’ve been inspired… I’ve met a number of others who’ve overcome greater challenges… Like Laura F. who lost her family to mental illness then built one of her own. Her strength inspires others. And John P., who at six and blind wanted to become a race car driver. His spirit inspires bold dreams. And Josh V., who at twenty nine is battling brain cancer and has a very beautiful artist’s hand. He’s a hero in my book. And twelve year old Becca, who I met virtually over the internet. She’s Sean of the South’s blind friend who “leaps tall buildings” jumping into a swimming pool from the high board. She’s braver than me… and a lot of other folks.

People are inspiring when they overcome. ❤️

I’m freely sharing my thoughts thanks to those who fought and died before me. I’m sharing my work thanks to God’s good grace.🌴

Come visit with me and let’s share a feeling that Someone and something good is at work in our somewhat chaotic midst.

🌴Sharing is at the heart of Ed’s Website.🌴
🌴Love is at the heart of sharing.

I’m no angel. I’m not sent from God on a mission. I’m a wacky doodle mutt with a delusion. If we love, our conundrums resolve. If we judge and hate, we make conundrums. It’s just common sense. God tells us that all the time through each other. 💙

I worry sometimes that I’m too confident about what God wants of me. I think He just wants me to love. While He was walking around on the earth, He told us that the least would be first… referring to who gets to go to Heaven. I think that means that higher and mighty behavior may be last or not at all. I have no earthly idea other than God says to love one another like He showed us.

I know you love. I love too. Maybe you want the world to be a better place to live but don’t know what to do about it exactly, like me. You could write down your thoughts for what you think would make a difference. That’s what I’ve been doing. But don’t short change yourself for feeling helpless to make that difference. Because even if you help just one person, you’ve made a productive positive difference. Especially if that one person is yourself. We have to start somewhere. ❤️

… Love is the wonderful stitcher of differences. When we look to each other with our heart, we can see and feel common ground at our feet. – excerpt from Unique ✍️

🌴 Love works when nothing else does.🌴

💕 Making a friend can start a great family. 💕

Ed’s Website dedicated to Susan ❤️

From the World Wide Web:

Lynn’s  comment is very insightful.
I copied her text and added my site links to her words.

“Your writing accompanying your work titled Balance is vivid. I recoiled from it before I even read what you were dealing with at the time.

Your drawings of the dragons feel like you acknowledge there is an evil presence that you need to dominate so you won’t be subject to them.

You have the same thorn in your side that afflicts several of my family members. Periodically they are on the dark side of the moon. After a season they return to the bright side, and have a depth of vision found in the deep. The stars shine the brighter because they don’t expect them to be a constant fixture.

That shadow constantly is trying to swallow the church and its light.

Have a blessed day,

To the World Wide Web:

Within these virtual world wide website walls is a message for everyone. It’s a global conundrum solver. God has a plan, a good, pleasing, and perfect plan. It’s a feeling we get when we stop long enough, look intently enough, and listen quietly enough, in silent prayer.

Unresolved mild or severe mental illness undermines and distorts pure thought. Everyone experiences some level of mental illness. More often than not, it goes undetected. Christ was the only human to experience pure thought. The rest of us are imperfect and subject to our own unique mental adversities.

Mental illness is the enemy’s domain.  Hate is its primary tool. Stress and pride are the conflict instigators.

We overcome love’s adversity by humbly seeking and accepting help. Together in love and humility we are closer to God.

Love is the thread stitching difference together. Love’s spirit is the needle overcoming difference. Life is the fabric containing love’s evolving and unique patterns. *Home is the pin keeping the fabric in place…

Home is where the mind can rest and the spirit can soar!

Jesus Christ’s “pen” demonstrates how to overcome and escape negativity’s grasp by working toward following in His thoughtful and behavioral footsteps.

When we stop judging and start loving… GOOD things happen!

*Home… is what we make it to be.

Space is Waiting

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