ART inspires the spirit.
WRITING challenges the mind.
MUSIC soothes the soul.

An engineer once told me that “better was the enemy of good enough”… But since I’m an obsessed artist, Ed’s ArtSite continues to be a work in progress. It’s shareable to everyone who can understand the word conundrum.

Some artwork might scare young kids. Please share responsibly. ❤️

I’ve been inspired… I’ve met a number of others who’ve overcome greater challenges… Like Laura F. who lost her family to mental illness then built one of her own. Her strength inspires others. And John P., who at six and blind wanted to become a race car driver. His spirit inspires bold dreams. And Josh V., who at twenty eight is battling brain cancer and has a very beautiful artist’s hand. He’s a hero in my book.

I’m freely sharing my thoughts thanks to those who fought and died before me. I’m sharing my work thanks to God’s good grace.

Come visit with me and let’s share a feeling that Someone and something good is at work in our somewhat chaotic midst.

Sharing is at the heart of Ed’s ArtSite.
Love is at the heart of sharing.

… Love is the wonderful stitcher of differences. When we look to each other with our heart, we can see and feel common ground at our feet. – excerpt from Unique

Love works when nothing else does.

Making a friend can start a great family.

Ed’s ArtSite dedicated to Susan ❤️

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