M31: The Andromeda Galaxy, Image credit NASA, Copyright Robert Gendler

I’m not always “here” in the true sense of the word “here”, but I’m always some “where” due to the restrictive nature of physical laws. However, at some point, I may be forever anywhere at anytime due to the nonrestrictive nature of spiritual laws. (Learned the spiritual part from my religion studies and the physical part from my wife’s periodic calling “Ed… Ed!… Ed!!… Stop thinking, you’re scaring the children!”)

My wife says that I live in my own world. Wives know things. I happen to be married to a very smart woman. She is a gift from God. But not without challenges. I think God decided a long time ago that He was going to take care of me… in spite of myself. You’ll get my drift if you keep reading.

I tend to isolate more when depression takes hold. For me, it’s easier to fight it alone. Acting like I feel okay is especially difficult under depression plus I know the depression will eventually dissipate. It comes in waves. It always has.

Susan, that’s my wife, and that’s her name in Ed’s World too. She feeds me and tries her best to help me organize my disordered planet. That’s not easy. My planet is far away and hard to reach. It’s actually well beyond the Oort, just this side of the galaxy’s edge. You’ll get my drift if you keep on reading.

Susan constantly beckons me back to Earth. She doesn’t want me to get stuck on a planet so far away from other people. You see, except for spirits, I’m the only inhabitant of Ed’s World. It’s my home away from home. Ed’s world is where I do a lot of sorting. I’m always organizing my thoughts into logical patterns. Writing helps with this. Putting my thoughts into written words helps me focus. You’ll understand if you keep reading.

Thinking takes up a lot of my time on Ed’s World. Thinking perpetually dominates my planet. It’s about all that I do there. I also write. But writing is just an extension of thinking. I also communicate with God. He is my unimaginably imaginable Friend. God understands me. He gets my jokes. He’s always feeding me too. He talks to me. He has a supernatural and dry sense of humor. God helps guide my thoughts. Just keep reading…

Before I get lost again, I want you to know that I love God. I love Susan. I love my family and friends. In fact, I love you. You are taking your own personal time to read my writing. For which I am grateful. No one should be left alone for very long. We humans are social creatures. We need each other. If you read on that will become clearer. 

Ed’s World is my sanctuary. There’s no one there that has evil tendencies. Evil is not allowed. Ed’s World is just one step from Heaven. No wonder I visit here a lot. Yes, I’m writing to you from Ed’s World… a kind of virtual postcard from the spiraling Galactic edge.

Wish you were here.

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from hell?
Blue skies from pain?
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
Did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange
A walk-on part in the war
For a leading role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here
We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here

Roger Waters & David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, 1975

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By Ed Caldwell

Except for some unavoidable honey-dos, I pretty much goof off for a living now. My last career job was designing internet operating circuit boards along with a distinguished team of engineers, managers and support personnel. Prior to that I was an electronics technician evolving into circuit board design in the defense industry working with tactical missile systems. My first career job was a professional artist. During my younger years I worked many odd jobs beginning at age nine with a newspaper delivery route.

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