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High hopes…

Sometimes, I can hear God more distinctly in my mind. He has to correct me a lot. Because I tend to make a lot of mistakes. I’m a stubborn human.

Sometimes it takes me a while to write God’s message. I’m possessed of a busy disordered brain. Lots going on in there at any given moment. Thusly, I’m not much of a conversationalist and even less of a fluid writer. Most of the time I publish before I should. I think I’m finished but I’m mistaken. Sometimes I’ve edited what you read in Ed’s ArtSite many times.

Can you even imagine just how patient God has to be? For example, try and put yourself in His “shoes” talking to someone like me! My brain is a moving target. Even when I do my best to focusingly listen for inspiration, my thoughts frequently make right angle subjective tangential turns. And there’s the abrupt stops… (what was I thinking about)… God has to be the most frustrated being in existence. Mainly for interacting with bipolar disordered human brains. I’m not sure that “normal” human brains are much easier.

When’s the last time you “heard” from God? You have to approach Him first. God’s not intrusive. He’s benevolently waiting with way more patience than Job. That fact helps us differentiate good thoughts from bad ones. When spiritually communicating, bad thoughts aren’t good answers and are usually not calming or enlightening.

You know that God’s not human right? Doesn’t need sleep… probably doesn’t need shoes… is able to intimately communicate with everyone and everything individually and all at the same time… You knew that right? Satan has similar power but is subject to God’s potency. We can overcome Satan with love. Praying to God gets us help. Pray often.

God’s mentally ready and able 24/7 to “speak” to us in thought. God “talks” to us in spirit and throughout creation. I believe that one particular day, God’s gonna speak to EVERYONE in audible terms. But right now, He wants us to “speak” with Him in our thoughts and behavior.

You’ve “spoken” with Him when you’re in trouble right?

But have you spoken with Him when you’re feeling fine? Like looking at a sunrise. Or watching an ant explore your front porch bannister.

I think ants are bipolar. Have you ever noticed how many turns a solo ant makes? They can’t seem to walk a straight line if their life depended on it. I can barely stand to watch… Why can’t they make a directional decision and stick to it?

I’m sure their solo meandering has some comic or survival purpose. Probably both. God’s got a purpose for everyone and everything… plus a sense of humor. Why else would any of us spend sleepless nights writing about bipolar ants.

Alone, ants meander like they’re confused and lost. But when they’re in a group they appear more focused. I’ve seen large groups of ants walking obviously purposed in organized single file lines.

I reckon that a solo “bipolar” ant’s meandering is actually scouting to report back what he’s discovering to the group. Then the group moves or expands from an overcrowded old home to a new one.

Maybe there’s a message from God for us in ant behavior. God constantly talks to us in many ways and by many means. We’re just not always capable of listening. Or we think we’ve “heard” a complete message but we haven’t or we’ve added our own “god message” to God’s.

He’s God. We’re not.

I know in my brain that I’m bipolar and given to delusion. But I also know that it’s possibly not delusional… that God wants a wacky doodle mutt to deliver an internet message about love.


see site summary page 2 – Moonstruck for more hope.

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By Ed Caldwell

I was tired, now I’m retired. Except for some unavoidable honey-dos, I pretty much goof off for a living now. My last career job was designing internet operating circuit boards along with a distinguished team of engineers, managers and support personnel. Prior to that I was an electronics technician evolving into circuit board design in the defense industry working with tactical missile systems. My first career job was a professional artist. During my younger years I worked many odd jobs beginning at age nine with a newspaper delivery route.

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