Images from “The Road” with links to Words. Decisions, decisions, decisions… life is full of them. “The Road” inspiration comes from motorcycle touring adventure in the southern Appalachian Mountains. There decisions unfold with the mountain curves and breezes. Riding airs out the soul leaving serenity in place of stress. Mountain roads and views put everything… Continue reading CrossRoads


I’m not always “here” in the true sense of the word “here”, but I’m always some “where” due to the restrictive nature of physical laws. However, at some point, I may be forever anywhere at anytime due to the nonrestrictive nature of spiritual laws. (Learned the spiritual part from my religion studies and the physical part from… Continue reading Here


art, music, and words awakens the senses composing reflections from life’s reasoned fences encoded skill and mind is the foundry beyond the grip of night’s emotional boundary Below I explain my artist’s poem for the benefit of anyone who would like an explanation. art, music, and words awaken the senses (Art, music, and words can inspire us emotionally and… Continue reading “AllSpark”

Log Cabin Church

Seems like another life ago. This church was a keystone symbol in my family growth. This church is where I married my first wife, Gretchen. She was the beginning of my new family. I painted this church for Gretchen’s parents. When she and I were getting a divorce, Gretchen told me that her mom and… Continue reading Log Cabin Church


An artist’s blind path. 1969 was the year I would have graduated high school but had different ideas. Over the years I’ve had a number of favorite music artists. Many reaching the depths of my soul and lifting me out. The Moody Blues captured it the longest with this song. Celebrate with me this beautiful song I… Continue reading Life


Artists finish their work and an audience completes it! I like to imagine that I’m communicating with one person over the internet. I proofread and edit my messages a number of times pretending to be the targeted reader. Will the reader understand? This is how I got really good at editing! I’ve never been great… Continue reading Welcome!

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