A friend is someone who loves you when you need love. God’s church is within each one of us. Whenever we gather in spiritual love… we’ve built a church. We’re always in church. We’re never outside the love of a spiritual church. A physical structure simply provides shelter. We’re in church when with a friend. We’re… Continue reading Friends


We are one human race made up of billions of INDIVIDUALS. We each have unique thoughts, so having different detail beliefs about God is expected. If we think rationally about one another’s cultural inheritance and respect that we each have unique life experiences. We question the “only Christians make it to Heaven” as possibly self-centered… Continue reading Foundation


Well traveled roads eventually wear out. Sometimes the best path is a new one. Love works when nothing else does. Unconditional love is what Jesus taught. It has always been a mental wrestling match with me that people seem to compete between religions and even within a same religion for who’s the most “right”. Finding… Continue reading Love


Decisions, decisions, decisions… life is full of them. “The Road” and “Crossroads” inspiration comes from motorcycle touring adventure in the southern Appalachian Mountains. There decisions unfold with the mountain curves and breezes. Riding airs out the soul leaving serenity in place of stress. Mountain roads and views put everything in proper perspective. Problems tend to… Continue reading CrossRoads