Inspired Words …are that which reach the soul and engulf the spirit as a beautiful thought. My thoughts move with the proverbial wind. (Mattered and scattered comes to mind.) When I was young, words were boring. I would “read” books by studying the illustrations. I had to grow up a lot before beginning to appreciate… Continue reading Contents

Inside Out

I’m flawed. Whoa! No big surprise there! I’m subject to mental illness. For example, I have self esteem issues. Inferiority feelings go back to my childhood. At first light, I thought I was perfect. Then later on came guilt after I realized that I wasn’t. Guilt happened because I was supposed to be perfect like… Continue reading Inside Out

Web Friends

I’m blessed with a beautiful audience. Thank you for gracing my website. We share a spiritual connection through the common emotion of love. ❤️ At least that’s always been my hope. 😇 Web Friends dedicated to Sean Dietrich I’m overwhelmed by the kindness and humor found in Sean’s blog. Sean and his commenters have taught… Continue reading Web Friends