Welcome to Ed’s blog! Words are a celebration of God’s gifts. Love works when nothing else does. Scientists heartily pursue a grand unified field theory. It’s the holy grail of physics. I like to think that many “commonologists” would love to see a grand unified spiritual truth in religion. If we truly love our neighbors,… Continue reading Foreword

Off Grid

Updated 24 September 2023 “Off grid” is a term indicating non conforming. It’s used for example, to describe a CAD datapoint that’s outside the established computer design coordinate system. It’s also used to categorize people who live in the wilderness independent from mainstream society. In Words, I write some about my spiritual thinking. I have… Continue reading Off Grid


Updated 24 September 2023 I think humanity’s worst enemy is moral division. The Devil doesn’t like it when we’re kind to each other. He throws fear, jealousy, envy, pride, egotism, paranoia (same as fear), apathy, discontent, worry (same as fear), inferiority, superiority, greed (especially greed) at us. And everything else he’s got to combat kindness. Satan is… Continue reading Overcoming