An artist’s blind path. 1969 was the year I would have graduated high school but had different ideas. Over the years I’ve had a number of favorite music artists. Many reaching the depths of my soul and lifting me out. The Moody Blues captured it the longest with this song. Celebrate with me this beautiful song I… Continue reading Life


It has always been a mental wrestling match with me that people seem to compete between religions and even within a same religion for who’s the most “right”. Finding a common ground point is something I’ve always wanted and struggled with since I was young. I wasn’t finding it at church. The Bible was confusing.… Continue reading Love

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Old Testament. In Job, God converses with Satan then Job. Satan believes he can overturn Job’s righteousness by causing him hardship. God says go ahead but you must obey my wishes as to what you are allowed to do.  Job undergoes extreme suffering until he finally begins to doubt God’s goodness. God then speaks to… Continue reading Word

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Sharing. Memories are made up of what we don’t forget! That’s a basic simple truth. And if your past the age of twelve you understand what I mean.  I initiated Ed’s Art Blog because I hope to develop a healthy dialogue with you, my reader/observer. So maybe sharing a memory we adore will be a… Continue reading Memories


Artists finish their work and an audience completes it! I like to imagine that I’m communicating with one person over the internet. I proofread and edit my messages a number of times pretending to be the targeted reader. Will the reader understand? This is how I got really good at editing! I’ve never been great… Continue reading Welcome!

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