God wants a personal relationship with each one of us.  Private and personal because we each have a unique mind and spirit. But we have the potential to be of the same heart. He created each one of us with a purpose. We learn what that purpose is, usually over some time period. And that… Continue reading God

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I don’t watch the news much, but I watched a popular news channel show yesterday evening. There were some noticeably disturbing messages.  Paraphrasing… ”We are on the verge of global nuclear war. Our USA government is lying to us. Some people believe that cheating and lying is okay. Men are in the process of losing their… Continue reading Crisis


I thought I would write about God. I’m always writing about myself, so it’s high time I wrote about someone else. But I have to write about God from my own perspective. So I reckon I can’t get away from that.  I have never seen God unless you count what I can see of the… Continue reading Feeling


What do we know?  For one, we know that people love to know things. People love knowing things so much that sometimes they will PRETEND to know something that they virtually know nothing about. Unfortunately, pretending to know something that we know nothing about leads to even more people unknowingly not knowing what they think… Continue reading Knowing


Have you ever gazed into a clear atmosphere nighttime star filled sky? It’s quite a humbling experience. Not unlike the self awareness that life breathes into us. You may have to study the naked-eye depth of the heavens for just a bit to gain its full affect.  So many stars. So far away. Unreachable by… Continue reading OuterSpace

Life Choice

There’s something incredible about life Since the first humans were formed, we have been propagated from a mix of the male and female. A brand new human life starts inside the mother as soon as her fertilized egg begins to multiply cells. We learn this at a very early age. Life is hard Our western… Continue reading Life Choice


If you love your pets, you hate fleas. I sometimes wonder what the good purpose is for fleas. Mosquitoes fall into a similar perplexity. Why did God create fleas? Maybe it was to provide a livelihood for the good people that fight them… The chemist, the exterminator and the retail clerks that sell flea treatments.… Continue reading Fleas

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Why on Earth

if the moon were to speak would it not be humbling… all our howlingrebounding… For the benefit of anyone who would like an explanation, the above poem suggests what we might collectively feel like when an advanced intelligence physically visits our mostly self focused little “pale blue dot” of a planet. They could be from… Continue reading Why on Earth


The Bible tells me that I will make it to Heaven. I look forward to that! There’s a ton of things that I would miss from this world but there are a few things that I wouldn’t miss… Mosquitoes for example. I won’t miss mosquitoes. In fact, I expect Heaven to be void of mosquitoes.… Continue reading Mosquitoes

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One of the many uniquely neat things about life is how different we humans can all be. Music we make for example, is funny because it unites AND separates the masses. Kind of like the funninesses of religion and politics. But in spite of the divisionary differences we endure, we all love emotionally the same. No… Continue reading Unique

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