Old Testament.

In Job, God converses with Satan then Job. Satan believes he can overturn Job’s righteousness by causing him hardship. God says go ahead but you must obey my wishes as to what you are allowed to do. 

Job undergoes extreme suffering until he finally begins to doubt God’s goodness. God then speaks to Job and scolds him for doubting. God reveals His character in the words He speaks to Job. We learn from their conversation that God is smarter than we are. God makes it clear that He loves us and has a plan for our well-being when we love in return.

New Testament.

In the Gospels, Jesus Christ’s words give us a roadmap to Heaven. He makes it clear that following his Father’s rule to love is the main road for us to travel on.


None of us humans are smart enough to fully understand God. But if we love our Creator, Creation (Nature is God’s reflection), and others as well as ourselves, we are doing God’s biding and will see Him in Heaven.

Simple as that.

A lifetime is nothing compared to an eternity.

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By Ed Caldwell

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