Good News

As sad as it is, there’s a lot of disturbing and disturbed people on the planet. The mainstream news feeds on these disordered individuals. The news itself is disturbed. The mainstream news programming is aimed at the negative. If you only look at the mainstream media for what’s going on with the world you stand… Continue reading Good News

Culture Twists

VANTAGE POINT II – Perspective is a unique perception and perception is a unique perspective. Everybody has at least one. TIME II – Have you ever really thought about TIME… and how it waits for no one… not even you? Have you thought about it for a long time… a very long time? Did you wonder how long… Continue reading Culture Twists

Cosmic Twists

SPACESHIP I – We sail on a ship without sails courtesy of the Big Bang and are collectively perpetuated through space by cosmic forces beyond our control… Thank God!… I can’t even control my cat… Can you imagine if Earth had a “steering wheel” where we would wind up! VANTAGE POINT I – If civilization had first developed in the southern hemisphere… Continue reading Cosmic Twists

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Life Support

Rotate Rationally The End is just as real as the Beginning. SUNDAY AM – It’s a good thing we can’t feel the Earth move. If the Earth  were to abruptly stop rotating tomorrow morning, we would all go flying into outer space at an approximate 1,000 MPH (if we were to be standing near the equator). It would be a… Continue reading Life Support

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If you love your pets, you hate fleas. I sometimes wonder what the good purpose is for fleas. Mosquitoes fall into a similar perplexity. Why did God create fleas? Maybe it was to provide a livelihood for the good people that fight them… The chemist, the exterminator and the retail clerks that sell flea treatments.… Continue reading Fleas

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Why on Earth

if the moon were to speak would it not be humbling all our howlingsrebounding For the benefit of anyone who would like an explanation, the above poem suggests what we might collectively feel like when an advanced intelligence physically visits our mostly self focused little “pale blue dot” of a planet. They could be from… Continue reading Why on Earth


The Bible tells me that I will make it to Heaven. I look forward to that! There’s a ton of things that I would miss from this world but there are a few things that I wouldn’t miss… Mosquitoes for example. I won’t miss mosquitoes. In fact, I expect Heaven to be void of mosquitoes.… Continue reading Mosquitoes

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Do you have an opinion, like, dislike, favorite person or favorite things DIFFERENT from everyone else? That’s not surprising and certainly okay as long as what you think and do doesn’t hurt yourself or anyone else. In fact, it’s normal to be unique. And it’s likely a blessing.  We can love and celebrate that we… Continue reading Unique

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An artist’s blind path. 1969 was the year I would have graduated high school but had different ideas. Over the years I’ve had a number of favorite music artists. Many reaching the depths of my soul and lifting me out. The Moody Blues captured it the longest with this song. Celebrate with me this beautiful song I… Continue reading Life


Sharing is at the heart of art. Memories are made up of what we don’t forget! That’s a basic simple truth. And if your past the age of twelve you understand what I mean.  I initiated Ed’s Art Blog because I hope to develop a healthy dialogue with you, my visitor. So maybe sharing a… Continue reading Memories